Emmaus existed till 1967 in Palestine as a village, located approximately 30 KM. west of Jerusalem, on the border between the mountains of Judea and the valley of Ayalon, not far from where the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem splits into two branches: northward through Beth-Horon and southwards, through Kiryat Yearim. Due to its strategic position, Emmaus played an important administrative, military and economic role in the region at certain points of its history. The first mention of Emmaus is found in the 1st Book of Maccabees, chapters 3-4, in the context of the war of Judas the Maccabee against the Greeks (the 2d c. BC).
Emmaus Nicopolis (lit. City of Victory) is a New Testament site at the Latrun junction, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel. Monks and nuns live in the monastery, offering prayers for understanding between Jews and Christians. There are impressive remnants of a crusader church in the complex, as well as mosaics. On Fridays, a Kabalat Shabbat (reception of the Jewish Sabbath) ceremony is held at the place. There are guided visits at the site.
Emmaus Nicopolis Monastery
Emmaus Nicopolis Monastery, Jerusalem
How to get:
from Jerusalem:
by any bus stopping at Latrun (#404, 433, 434, 435). From the
bus station please walk for about a quarter of an hour in the
direction of Modi'in.
from Tel-Aviv:
first to the town of Ramle either by the Egged bus #411 or by
sherut (collective taxi) or by train and then to Latrun by the Egged
bus #433. From the bus station please walk for about a quarter of an
hour in the direction of Modi'in.
Opening hours
The Holy place of Emmaus
is open for individual or group
visits Monday trough Saturday
from 8.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and
from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (5
p.m. in winter).
Guide's services
Groups can ask for a free guide for
the archaeological site and for
meeting with members
of the Community of the
Beatitudes. Please ask in advance.
Holy Mass celebrations
The place is anytime open for
Holy Mass celebrations . Please
book in advance.
You can also join the Community
of the Beatitudes residing on the
spot for its celebrations.
Latrun interchange,
post office box 638,
72100 Ramla,
phone: +972-8-925-69-40
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Emmaus Nicopolis Monastery Jeruaslem


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